Company Profile

TRANSFOR Furniture Marketing is your one-stop solution for office furniture. We are an established office furniture distributor that can help you with your office furnishing problems. We can help you with planning and organizing your office layout to give your employees a comfortable and relaxing workspace. This will induce high productivity and increase efficiency.


At TRANSFOR, we produce office furniture and seating. These furniture includes tables, chairs, steel furniture and security safety cabinet. The products are made of the highest quality and is highy customizable. Customers can have the choice to choose the colour and even the features of the furniture such as chair base or chair handle.


We also do open plan partition for our customers. Come to us and we will suggest to you the best layout possible for your employees. With our variety of choices of furniture available, we will transform your office into a one of a kind environment where your employees will be motivated and be effective at work.


Modular furniture is also one of our special range of products. These furniture are pre-made units that can be mixed and matched according to you to furnish the room of your choice.

Steel furniture such as filing cabinets and safe cabinets are also offered to you. These furniture are made with the highest of quality materials that will last.


Our company is established and have gained much experience by acquiring large projects with the Governmental sector, non-profit organizations, private associations, education institutions, and hotel industries. With this experience, we are able to gain trust and confidence among our customers. With this, we will promise to provide the best service to our customers.


Customers who purchase our products are entitled to our after sales service which includes delivery services to your desired location and we also provide installation of the purchased products.

We also provide moving and dismantling services. Please do not hesitate to call us and we hope to hear from you soon. You can count on us to TRANSFORM your furnishing needs.


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